Utilities sector report

Who are the Price Comparison Heavyweights? Our NEW Sector Report

Sam Underwood 11 months ago

We want to provide transparency for marketers industry wide - and as our next investigation, we've dug into the data of comparison sites. But are the biggest players in this industry making the most of the opportunities available to them?

Everyone wants a good deal on their utilities - gas/electric, car insurance, broadband and everything in between - but how do you get your brand in front of that valuable audience? By splitting between market share, seasonality and even featured snippets (very important to a brand's informational content strategy), we've uncovered how the main competitors in these realms are performing. You'll get some insight into what your competitors are doing (or not doing!) to give you some guidance on your content strategy.

Get your hands on the full report, for free. Don't waste any time and learn from the successes and shortfalls of those in this industry with our detailed insight.

If you'd like any information on what we've said in this report - or if you'd like us to dive into your industry next! - then please contact us here!

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