How to protect your brand in the Search engine results

How to Protect Your Brand Reputation in the Search Engine Results

Stuart Shaw 2 years ago

Managing online brand reputation has always been a critical component of any rounded marketing strategy. But with ‘brand’ now playing a more significant role in rankings and acquisition it’s never been more important to monitor it closely.

It’s why we’re lifting the lid off a brand new tool designed specifically to help you measure online brand reputation and do something about it!

It’s a subject we’ve written extensively about over recent months as search engines crank up the volume on positive brand sentiment and reviews. The challenge is that with so many inputs making up the view now it can be difficult to know what to ‘fix’ first, and how.

But fear not as the Brand Reputation Management Tool is designed to take the leg work out of that process, scoring issues to create a priority list as well as a ‘training’ guide to help you do something about it!

You’ll also find a run through of our useful tool on this blog, to show you how exactly you can strengthen your brand reputation, and built a suitable plan to get your brand protection game at 100%! Quickly download your own copy of the GSheet here:

Remember to save your own copy of the sheet to get started! And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on how you can protect your brand reputation.

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