Google Ranking Factors 2015/16 Checklist Launched

Stuart Shaw 5 years ago

A lot has changed at Google in the last 12 months as the search engine giant fights to stay ahead of fast moving competition.

While exciting for the end user that fact only serves to make the job of a good SEO more difficult as the core area of change has focused on its algorithm.

With more technical points to cover off than ever before it makes the job of tracking changes and ensuring that everything is fit for purpose that much more difficult.

It is for this very reason that we can today launch the Zazzle Google Ranking Factors 2015/16 Checklist, designed to make the process of covering off the key elements of your technical strategy in a strategic and structured way.

You can download the resource for free by following any of the links on this page, or by clicking the taster image below:

google ranking factors

The tick sheet allows developers and SEOs to prioritise workload based on those factors that will contribute most to return on investment, while also ensuring nothing is left to chance.

Commenting on the launch of the cheat sheet Zazzle MD Simon Penson said: "This document is absolutely not meant to be a technical companion, rather a top level tick sheet to help those working at the technical coalface cover off every base."

"It's a great sanity check for those used to losing themselves in the minutiae of the technical roadmap."

You can download it here.

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