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Social eBook > Forget Google’s Games – Make A Real Business out of Social

Simon Penson 3 years ago

Those interested in diversifying away from Google in light of recent changes could do worse than look towards social. The fast evolving channel is quickly becoming a place where it is now possible to achieve positive ROI more easily.

In light of that the Zazzle team has created this FREE EBOOK, which you can download by clicking on the image below. It's rammed with real ACTIONABLE info and walks, step-by-step, through our tried-and-tested process for maximising returns.

In it you'll find out how to:

> Mine social data to find out what your audience really is into.

> Structure your strategy to maximize engagement and conversion.

> Create content that your audience will engage with.

> Pick the right platform to invest most heavily in and centralize your strategy.



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