UnGagged 2017: Programmatic Delivery Content’s Next Frontier

Lucy Hemingway 7 years ago

UnGagged London is one of the most widely anticipated conferences on the digital marketing calendar thanks to the quality of content shared as a result of the media ‘blackout’!

Zazzle MD Simon Penson was one of the lucky few to be asked to share his thoughts at this year’s London event and below you can take a look at the result of that request; 50 minutes of insight into an area we see as a huge opportunity for the future of content marketing.

Catch the full deck below and you can even download our ebook and toolkit from the link below to give it a go yourself…

After explaining the background to programmatic as an advertising delivery method, Zazzle Media’s founder went on to ‘bring to life’ how it could actually become a critical weapon in the digital marketers’ armoury as a way of getting ahead of the competition and reading eyeballs that have been, until now, out of reach.


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