Website Migration 101, not 404: Join us at BrightonSEO

Michael Hewitt 3 years ago

How do you deliver an SEO migration project without putting organic visibility and traffic at risk?

Whether you’re migrating to a new domain or to a whole new website platform, website migrations come with a number of risks and pitfalls which, if not avoided or managed, could result in a substantial loss of organic traffic.

In Website Migration 101, not 404, Stickyeyes Senior SEO Lead, Richard Hird will talk you through how you can plan and execute a successful SEO migration. Sharing his expertise and experience of delivering migrations for a range of brands, from SME to enterprise-level e-commerce brands, he'll guide you through the common pitfalls to ensure that you deliver a smooth transition that will not only maintain traffic levels, but also provide a platform for growth.

In his session, he will cover:

  • The "do's" and "don'ts" of website migration.
  • The reasons for migrating - and how to do it for the right reasons.
  • How to plan for a successful migration and prevent ranking or traffic loss.
  • How to benchmark performance to ensure that you can identify any issues.

Who should attend?

This session is perfect for  technical SEO's or large digital teams that are looking to migrate or consolidate websites without losing any website performance. In the session, Richard will discuss examples of migration projects of various sizes, from SME projects through to international enterprise ecommerce projects.

Richard will be speaking virtually at BrightonSEO on Friday 26 March 2021, and you can sign-up for his session now.

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