Why The Google Panda Update Is Great

Lauren Shanks 7 years ago

As a man renowned for his ridiculously strong opinions (I’ve been known to rant furiously for hours at the merest mention of Piers Morgan), I’ve been asked a couple of times what I think of the latest Google Panda update: on one occasion, it was a conversation with someone whose website has suffered as a result of said update. Needless to say, this situation required tact and subtlety.

‘Are you kidding? That Panda update was frickin’ GENIUS!’


See, the reason I love the Panda update is this: it rewards great writing. Back in the SEO ‘Middle ages’, it didn’t matter what you stuck in your articles as long as it contained the keyword more times than was healthy for anyone. This inevitably led to paragraphs such as this:

‘When revisiting the works of Dante Alighieri, we inevitably CHEESE ROLLS find that his exile from Florence had such a profound impact on La Divinia Commedia that CHEESE ROLLS it’s hard to revisit the Italian’s magnum opus without seeing CHEESE ROLLS the culture oozing into every aspect of the pilgrim’s journey through hell ARE YOU EATING CHEESE ROLLS YET?’

Alright, I’m paraphrasing. The point, though, is this: the panda update means that us people wot learned to rite proper are rewarded for investing legitimate time and effort into our craft. Online writing can now throw off the shackles of oppression from the opinions of those that are based in print and think they’re better than those of us who ply our trade on the web. I am the Don Corleone to their Tattalghia. I am the Batman to their Joker. I am the Gladiator to their creepy roman bloke who fancied his sister.

Long live great writing, and God bless Google for putting the boot into those evil people who seek to corrupt the reputation of a genuine craft. Viva la resistance!

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