The Conversion Mapping Method

Conversation Mapping: The News Rules to Win at Content and Search

Simon Penson 1 year ago

What is Conversation Mapping?

From the State of Content Marketing, we've established that there is a single, overriding question to fix the challenges of producing content that delivers ROI:

'How do we create a content strategy that aligns to search growth, consistently?'

So we've created this eBook based on a new concept, that will answer the 'how' element of this question.

Where do I start with content strategy?

With multiple touchpoints and a plethora of different journeys through to your product or service it has become necessary to find a new process – that we call Conversation Mapping. It's a concept that borrows from the world of User Experience and is designed to focus on the shift towards 'conversational search' and Google's quest to solve the entire journey and follow the intent. This is where your content can be the basis of answering consumer queries.

This easy and effective way of tackling a content strategy was featured by The Drum, and Search Engine Watch, and you can get started by downloading the full eBook. This will take you through the full process, from start to end, to help you map your consumer conversations, and help you answer these all-important pain points! Click below to get your eBook and start with your refreshed content strategy.

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