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The Content Team 3 years ago

Marketing rests on a fundamental premise. Namely, that it doesn’t matter how good your product and service is, if no-one knows about it you’re doomed to fail.

We can adopt the same logic when it comes to blog content too. Writing top quality material will matter for little if no-one reads it. That’s why preparing and producing your blog content is not enough. Once your pieces are written, there’s a lot of work required to perfect and promote blog content. Click below to get access to our free guide and start promoting your work now!


In fact, as a writer, there’s nothing more frustrating than working hard on an article and seeing your efforts go to waste. If your words are uploaded as a reader-deterring slab of text or your article is never promoted – not even with a single tweet – it feels like you might as well have not bothered. That’s because it’s true.

If your business isn’t marketed effectively, it runs the risk of failure. If you don’t do the necessary work to perfect and promote your blogs then they too could fail.

So, what do we mean by ‘perfect and promote’? In the third volume of Zazzle Media’s eBook The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for your Brand – available to download for free today – we explore this in detail.

The book deals with the following five key steps:

  • Choosing and using imagery that can emphasis and amplify the key message of your content
  • Demonstrating the importance of proofreading – and how to get this crucial step right
  • Explaining how often to publish new blog content
  • Showing where and how to promote your blog and content to reach the biggest audience possible
  • Analysing the success of your content

This eBook is the third in our series and you can still catch up on all our advice about the preparation required to make successful blog content in volume one and the tips you need to master the production stage by downloading volume two.

We hope this series will help you to deliver blog content that is successful – giving your customers something that is useful, entertaining and drives commercial success. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact form.

Don't forget to download the guide here:


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