Social Card Previewer Tool

Tim Hopma 4 years ago

When sharing your URL on their platform, a social network analyses your page’s content to decide what information to display in a nicely styled preview card.

Through the use of metadata we can explicitly tell social networks what content to use, tailoring page titles, images and call-to-actions to each audience. If you don’t take advantage of metadata you risk letting social networks make the decision for you.

We have created a handy tool which emulates social networks to quickly preview the social metadata on a URL and allows you to switch between each platform, visually testing your content and identifying which meta tags are in use (and any that are missing!).

Get the Social Card Previewer

Open Graph is possibly the most widely supported metadata protocol by Facebook and Google+.  Twitter also recognises Open Graph but prefers its own card specification, making it important to test your page has all the relevant information. Test your social channels now by clicking on the button above!

Social meta tag preview tool screenshot
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