State of SEO 2019

The State of SEO 2019 Has Landed!

Richard Marriott 3 years ago

For the second year in a row, we spoke to thousands of marketing professionals to gather their views on SEO in their marketing plans, and their strategies for the next 12 months.The State of SEO was filled out by 70% in-house marketers, and 30% from other agencies – giving us a truly unique understanding of the issues faced by marketers of all ranges.

The findings from across the industry include victories, challenges and trends which pave the way for valuable learnings. Our SEO survey will give you tips and knowledge about other SEOs, and their daily pain points!

You can get your hands on the SEO survey results by downloading them on the page below!

You can see some topline stats here, or keep scrolling for an infographic of our main results!

To see what these stats mean for you, be sure to download the full results with our analysis, and how this data can support you in your 2020 strategy!

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