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The Content Team 7 years ago

Content marketing is coming of age. In the last few years, businesses have become convinced of the need to produce quality content as part of their marketing mix. Brands know that content can help to reach and engage with their audience in an effective way and help them to keep Google happy.

But, while plenty of people have embraced content and begun to use it, they need help to do it well.

We know this because it was raised as an issue in our State of Content Marketing Survey. Three in five marketing decision makers told us that they found it a big challenge to be able to produce ‘engaging content’ while 60 per cent also told us that the ability to produce content consistently was holding them back.

Part of the problem is that content marketers have spent a long time trying to convince brands of the need for content and now need to explain how to go about producing it. They’ve ‘won the battle’ in convincing CMOs and CFOs of their worth, but now need to ‘win the war’ and show them how to deliver the full potential offered by content marketing.

It’s in this spirit that Zazzle Media’s content team has decided to step forward.


Our writers, who have experience in a range of journalism and publishing roles, have come together to produce the Ultimate Guide to Blogging for your Brand. The aim of this extensive project is to help brands to consistently deliver high-quality blogs that play a key role in an effective content marketing strategy and ultimately delivering ROI.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce volume one of this work! This first part goes into more detail about why your brand needs a blog before moving on to look at:

• The right platforms to choose
• How to understand your audience
• Where to get your ideas from
• What you can learn from competitors
• How to target keywords effectively
• How to produce a variety of content that your readers will enjoy.

By the end of this first volume (which is free to download!), you should understand everything you need to know before launching (or maybe relaunching) your brand’s blog.

Two further volumes will follow before the end of 2017 and these will look in more detail at the process of creating the blogs themselves and how to enhance your content and promote it effectively.

Download this first eBook by clicking the button below, if you have any questions regarding the eBook please get in touch via the Contact Form.


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