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Attracting a different demographic on Facebook

When Spalding Bulb came to us and let us know that they wanted to grow a Facebook audience to rival their competitors, we expected a challenge.  With the average audience demographic of mail order gardening clients being in their 50′s and 60′s and with a very niche interest set we had to use all of our data analysis skills to find the right people for the page.

The set up phase involved the creation of a terms of service and agreement on customer service protocols with Spalding Bulb.  We then proceeded to draw up a content strategy and content calendar to follow to ensure engagement on the page.

Once the groundwork was in place we started a fan acquisition campaign to grow the audience in a sustainable way with quality, relevant fans.  To date the page is 9,000 strong and still growing fast with over 70% of the audience being over 45 years of age.  To top it off, Spalding Bulb is now a bigger page than their key competitors, and with much higher engagement rates.

Mixing in competitions, Q&A’s and product posts has kept the engagement high whilst allowing monetisation to occur at this crucial time in the gardening calendar.

Our Facebook page is thriving. With high engagement rates & a healthy audience size built from scratch, we're really pleased with how Zazzle have been able to further our business on social media.

David Chisnall, Marketing Manager, Spalding Plant & Bulb